Circle Groups

Circles are much better than rows. North Church not only offers opportunities for you to grow with your North Family on Sunday Mornings, but we also offer various options to grow in a more personable setting, Circle Groups.

Tuesday Night

Our Tuesday Night Circle Group meets at 6:00p, and is open to everyone. This Circle Group is a great way to connect with other individuals in the North Church Family. This group focuses on studying devotionals together, and sharing how they can use the principles in their daily life. For more information, reach out to Rena Carr.

Women of North

Women of North is the North Church Women’s Ministry. This group of women meet every 2nd Thursday of the month, at 7:00pm. This circle group is a great way to connect with other ladies in the North Family. The study involves a themed “bring and share” meal, life focused devotional, and lots of laughter. For more information, reach out to Kim Bakos.

Men of North

Men of North is the North Church Men’s Ministry. This group of men meet one Saturday a month, at 9:30am. This circle group breakfast is a great way to get connected with the men in the church. We have a hearty breakfast, life focused devotional, and lots of connection. For more information, reach out to Pastor Vince.

North U

North U is an our intensive inductive Bible Study group. This small group is designed for those that want to learn how to breakdown scripture, and truly understand the message that the scripture and author are trying to convey. The group studies the 5 W and H concept, and learn how to apply the scripture to their lives with a clear understanding. See Pastor Vince for more information.

North Married Life

Are you married and want to connect with other married couples in the church? This circle group is perfect for you. This group plans monthly couple outings, and gives you a chance to connect with each other, while connecting with other couples. Make plans to join in one of the outings and start growing closer to God, while growing closer to other couples. See Pastor Vince or Rena for more information.

North Out of College Group

This is our North Adult’s Ministry. This group is designed for adults that are over the age of 30 years old. This group meets monthly, and is designed to connect adults with one another. This group does outings that focus on connecting, having fun, and making memories. This group does not have a “formal” Bible Study, but is more focused on personal connections. If you are looking to connect to a group that is in your tax and age bracket, lol, this is the circle group for you.